Escape from Pakistan

by Mike Bond on July 6, 2018
Escape from Pakistan
This is an amazing story of how God was able to use our ministry and prayer team to rescue a persecuted Christian brother and sister from Pakistan. We are so thankful to have been a part of this story. Celebrate with this wonderful couple and with us as we get to see God working on behalf of his people. Several years ago, in the course of...
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Two New Radio Stations!

by Mike Bond on November 15, 2016
We've recently been blessed to be able to launch two more missionary radio stations to Muslims. The first was our second Farsi station for the people of Iran. It has all new programming, with a lot more teaching and Bible and is fearured on our website If you'd like to have a listen you can hear it at The other station is an Urdu station for reaching Pakistani Muslims. It is featured on our website You can hear the station at Please pray for these two fledgeling ministries. They're so new that the Urdu site is not even translated yet. However, they have to potential to teach over 100 million Muslims. You can also see other stations and websites by visiting the 'Outreaches' page on this website. With your prayers and God's help these ministries can realize their full potential.  Thank you.