Escape from Pakistan

by Mike Bond on July 6, 2018
Escape from Pakistan
This is an amazing story of how God was able to use our ministry and prayer team to rescue a persecuted Christian brother and sister from Pakistan. We are so thankful to have been a part of this story. Celebrate with this wonderful couple and with us as we get to see God working on behalf of his people. Several years ago, in the course of...
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Tired of It? Not so Fast!

by Michael Bond on November 16, 2016
I know you're probably tired of hearing about it. Even though it's over, it won't go away. You'd just like to get on with your life and forget it. You know what I'm talking about. It's the election. However, as much as you'd like it to go away, it might be a good moment for reflection for us as believers in the U.S. and everywhere.
I don't know who you voted for. God is not a Republican, nor is He a Democrat. However, He does have opinions and we as believers would do well to not only know them, but heed them. Do we even know them as it relates to the issues that are important to Him for our nation? And if we don't know them, how can we heed them?
It's generally accepted among believers whom I know, that the Church would have an easier time under the one we elected (unless he has some surprises for us). We would probably have suffered more under the other. That is not a commentary on either of the candidates. However, historically, the Church often receives correction and eventually flourishes in hard times. Shall I say persecution, or perhaps let's just call it pressure.
As for leaders, God sets them up and He takes them down. So what we can draw from this is that He's apparently chosen, for the time being to withhold correction. We may have been given a reprieve. That doesn't, however, release us to go back to our 'business as usual' and not consider that He might have something more for us to learn about what's important to Him. Could it yet be, that among the myriad of issues that we wrestled with (or failed to wrestle with) in the election, that there may may be some issues that we may have to reprioritize, or even change our attititudes toward, based on His opinions?
For instance, in both the old and new covenants He had plenty to say about our treatment of the poor. On the right, though, we seem to have taken a 'you made your bed, now lie in it' sort of attitude to the poor. Now, that doesn't mean that I like what some have done in creating a great welfare state, that seems to keep people minimally, but also destroys their initiative, or even their hope for better. What if the Church now stepped in and began mentoring, training and equipping people who are living marginally, to really make it? Could even they become world-changers themselves? Remember the domino effect. And what about the Great Commission, the last thing that Christ had to say to His Church before He left us here to carry on His business? Could we do more there? I think so.
Now we can't tackle all the issues here. However, we shcould, as a Church, take each issue of the election and reconsider it based on the teaching of Scripture (not on our own prejudices). If we do, we'd probably soon realize that both candidates fall woefully short. It's not up to the candidates, though. It's up to the church. Correction may yet come, but it seems we've been given a reprieve, some time to reconsider the issues and act. I respectfully suggest that we use our time wisely.