Escape from Pakistan

by Mike Bond on July 6, 2018
Escape from Pakistan
This is an amazing story of how God was able to use our ministry and prayer team to rescue a persecuted Christian brother and sister from Pakistan. We are so thankful to have been a part of this story. Celebrate with this wonderful couple and with us as we get to see God working on behalf of his people. Several years ago, in the course of...
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That Time of Year

by Michael Bond on December 9, 2016
It's again that time of year when we pause to look back and see what we've accomplished in the past year. It's easy to look back, almost reflexively, to see how we did. For me, it's also a time of year when I finally relax because my year's work is almost done. As a matter of a fact, I've been known to fall asleep at New Year's Eve parties because I know my work for the year is done. I've even been decorated as I sat there and slept.
As I look back of 2016, it's again been a banner year for progress in developing the Internet ministry to Muslims. No, it's never fast enough for me. And, yes, it's already operational and ministering to Muslims. However, with each month that passes we get more and more of those special things built and added on which enhances the network's effectiveness in reaching them. One of those this year was the GodRadio page which allows Muslims to find and select the website that's designed for them, written in their own language. And it does that completely without words, allowing them to find theirs despite the initial language barrier. I've often said that when the network took off it was a Piper Cub, but when it lands it will be a Boeing 747. Please keep praying for its continued development. Each new innovation brings it closer to its full potential for bringing Muslims to faith in Christ.
We so appreciate your continued support and prayers as we minister via the network and continue to grow and develop it. Without your help it would never get where it's supposed to be, and many would never be reached. However, with your help many, many will have the opportunity to become disciples of Jesus Christ.
That's why, in this special reflective time of the year, I ask you to make a renewed effort to pray for us. I'm also asking you to please consider a generous year-end gift to help us keep moving forward. This vision was born at the beginning of the last recession. Yet with God's help and yours we've been able to do something that's never been done before, to build a missionary radio network to Muslims that travels worldwide via the Internet. And it's working!
So, please visit Click the 'Online Giving' tab and make your best gift in the Year End Campaign block. Thank you and God bless you!