Escape from Pakistan

by Mike Bond on July 6, 2018
Escape from Pakistan
This is an amazing story of how God was able to use our ministry and prayer team to rescue a persecuted Christian brother and sister from Pakistan. We are so thankful to have been a part of this story. Celebrate with this wonderful couple and with us as we get to see God working on behalf of his people. Several years ago, in the course of...
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Summer is Over

by Michael Bond on September 20, 2016
     Summer was hot here in the Pacific Northwest, but it's about over now. I hope you had an enjoyable one. And we thank you so much for being a part of our ministry team. It may seem a bit late to be hearing from me, but our banquet carried us longer than usual. So, here I am with our summer letter.

    So much is happening! The network to reach Muslims by radio, satellite, the Internet and cell phones is growing rapidly. As I write this we’re preparing websites and Internet radio stations in several languages, including Kazakh (for Kazakhstan), Kirwanda (Rwanda), and Bengali (Bangladesh). Plus we’re also talking to key people about sites and stations in Kashmiri (Pakistan & India), Swahili and Masai (Africa). We also have or sites set on beginning soon in the Philippines for the Muslims of Mindanao. The next step is to ‘mechanize’ parts of the process to speed it up and make it easier for those developing new sites and stations. This will also allow us to serve many times more people.

    Our current Arabic ministry gets about 100 contacts of all kinds daily. We took some time to analyze just the significant connections and found that in one week our Arabic minister reached out in significant ways to over 100 Arab seekers and disciples in 24 countries. These came in the form of emails, Facebook messenger, Facetime, Skype, snail mail, live stream discussions, phone calls, and responses to his testimony on TV. His live streaming video got 3,100 views and his TV testimony had 10,736 views. We’re grateful for the way God is using this humble ministry and grateful to you because of your gifts and prayers. This makes you co-laborers with us in all these lives that are touched. Thank you.

    Summer also typically means a drop in income for the ministry. This year is tougher than most. So, please consider helping us continue to make this grow by sending a summer offering. Just visit  It will make such a difference! Thanks so much for co-laboring with us!  God's best to you.