About Us


Global Radio Outreach/E-Mission to Islam reaches Muslims in 61 countries by radio, satellite, the Internet and cellular phones. Now, in an effort to increase our saturation of the Muslim world with the Gospel of Christ, we are currently building websites for blogging, including recorded and ‘print’ Bibles and materials to reach and minister to them. Each of these sites has 24/7 Internet Radio Stations to minister to seekers and disciples anywhere in the world. Those websites and stations are also available on smartphones. Our long-range goal is to use those Internet stations to stream the Gospel to radio stations and satellite stations poised to reach them wherever they live. This gives individuals and ministries who share our goal to reach Muslims with a ready-made tool, a stream of audio, a ready-made ‘radio station’ if you will, to broadcast over their transmitters in order to reach Muslims everywhere! All the Gospel, to Muslims Everywhere, Until All have Heard!